Your Photo session 

I am so looking forward to meeting you and your family!

Your family session will begin with me introducing myself and getting to know you all, so we can have some fun together. I don't want you to feel like it will be stiff and uncomfortable. We will be friends by the end of the session I am sure!

My style of photography is both casual and natural - sometimes the best images are taken when you're in the moment, not looking at the camera. However, I do usually start with a few photos of everyone looking and smiling (just to make Grandma happy!)

Here's a few tips to help the session run smoothly: 

* Preparation starts the night before, especially if you have young kids. Make sure they get a good night's sleep. I know when my 5 year old has a late night that she's at her crankiest the next afternoon. Equally important is not to do too much on the day! You're spending a good amount of money on your session, so if Johnny needs to miss swimming lessons so he's not too tired for one week it may be worth it. 

* Happy adults = happy kids. Don't worry if they're running around or a little crazy. Embrace it and go with it - we're more likely to get a few laughs if everyone is relaxed. It can be hard to come back from an upset child. 

* Talk it up - tell everyone this is going to be fun, you're going to be spending some quality family time together and maybe there might be something special for everyone after! (Ice-cream/maccas are usually winners!)

* I'll be asking you to remove phones/keys etc from pockets if they can be seen so please bring a bag to carry those items. Non-messy snacks/water bottles for young kids if you think they might be needed are welcome.

* I encourage snacks for children (sometimes it's a nice breather for them), but try to avoid food that will make spills, stains, and dirty cheeks! Hahaha!





Neutrals are always a safe option and look beautiful, particularly for newborn sessions. For outdoor sessions, let's embrace those warm, earthy muted (not bright!) tones - we will be in nature! Think mustard, ochre, brown, olive green etc.

Keep fabrics to more naturals like cotton, linen or waffles. Knitwear in winter is perfect. I love texture! 

A pop of floral, pattern or colour can add interest but I suggest keeping the pattern or floral to only one family member -it's hard to mix patterns well. Also avoid stripes if you can.

Now I know everyone thinks that black is slimming but actually the opposite can be true,  so ideally steer way!  Black can actually make you look bigger if, for example, you're standing with your feet together, as you can't decipher one leg from the other in the photo.


Outdoor sessions happen just before sunset and it can get cold, even in Summer. Pack jackets and cardi's if you think they'll be needed.  In winter, a beanie can look so cute on young kids. No one will have fun if they're cold! 


Depending on where we are they may not be needed -one less thing to think about for a beach session! Everywhere else I would suggest comfortable shoes (not stiletto's!) because I want you to be able to relax and have fun with your kids - and that may involve piggy back rides etc!

Jules Bligh_suethornphotographyLR-12.jpg


Yes we are probably the pickiest so it's best when deciding on everyone's attire to start with you first. I love to see Mum's in long, flowy dresses as they are so feminine. The movement in them photograph beautifully. I want you to feel beautiful in what you're wearing. If you’re not keen on dresses that's ok - keep it simple with pants/skirt and add some texture with a cardi or scarf. Also just a tip to check whether your underwear can be seen - go for nude if you're worried.


A pair of tan coloured chinos is my favourite (jeans/shorts ok too). A knit also will look great or a plain-coloured t-shirt.


No big logos/loud colours pllllease! We want the images to be timeless. Finding great kids clothes is usually not too hard and it doesn't have to cost the earth. Girls love dresses to spin in. My current fav stores for kids are: Best n Less, Target, Cotton on Kids, Seed, Country Road. I love to see boys in tan-coloured shorts and a plain tee.


All in one outfits work better than two-piece - when we're playing around, lifting the baby etc it's best if we can't see the nappy and don't have to worry about keeping it covered. It's much easier to have babies in a one piece or nappy covers/tights for girls in skirts/dresses.



I have some pinterest ideas you can have a look at here. I'm happy to help you choose clothing too. Please text/message me with photos of clothing beforehand (ideally lay out everyone's outfit together in the one photo) and I can help you decide which items would work best.  I am also starting a client wardrobe so please ask if you're interested in borrowing from there.