Your Newborn Photo session 

Congratulations on the arrival of your new family member! I am so looking forward to meeting you all!

I plan Newborn sessions in the morning because I find that most babies are at their happiest at that time.

Here's a few tips to help the session run smoothly: 

* Aim to feed your baby about half hour before I arrive (even if bub isn't due for a feed) and then keep bub upright. This *should* result in a happy, sleepy and content baby - hopefully! Before feeding, just make sure s/he has a clean nappy and then just wrap him/her in a blanket/wrap -no need for any other clothes as I will slip on one of my little nappy covers when I get there.


* Your session may go for anywhere between 1.5 - 3 hours depending on how baby settles. Generally I like to go with the flow of how baby is feeling. Sometimes we start with family photos, sometimes we will start with baby-only photos. If you have toddlers or other young siblings, I do try to do these photos first and then I encourage your partner and siblings to go out for a while so Mum can have some quiet time with the baby.

* I will bring a range of blankets/wraps/headbands/baby clothing etc, but if you have anything at all that you would like included, please let me know. I LOVE to add sentimental items!. (think blankets, a special necklace belonging to someone special that may have passed etc)


* Babies like to be WARM... make sure your house is heated REALLY well.  Yes, even in summer. To give you an idea, you should be comfortable to wear a t-shirt in your house.

* No need to clean your entire house but a little de-cluttering in the spaces we will use would be helpful. This is usually in the main lounge room, parent's bedroom and baby's bedroom (if they have one). I am not judging you whatsoever (I have 3 kids - I get it! haha) - I am just looking for the best natural light, without overhead lights. Sometimes I've photographed in a hallway so the area itself doesn't need to be huge. A neutral bedspread is great if you have one.

* MUM's - I want you to get yourself ready (makeup/hair at least) FIRST and then I want you to plonk yourself on the couch with the baby (upright, remember!) whilst hubby deals with getting your toddler ready. I give you permission! :-) I really want you to be relaxed for your session so take a few minutes to breathe that beautiful baby in!

* Dummies - yes please! If bub needs a dummy to self soothe by all means we are going to use it (obviously it will come out for the photos though!).

* Happy adults = happy kids. For newborns with older siblings, it is very likely that the older sibling(s) will want to show-off or push for your attention. Don't worry if they're running around or a little crazy. Embrace it and go with it - we're more likely to get a few laughs if everyone is relaxed. It can be hard to come back from an upset child. Also try to ensure siblings aren't tired/hungry etc. Having said that, once we are done with family photos, it's helpful if Dad can take the other kids out or let them play outside. (This is also so Mum can relax too).

* Talk it up - tell everyone this is going to be fun, you're going to be spending some quality family time snuggling together and maybe there might be something special for everyone after! (Ice-cream/maccas are usually winners!)


Newborn photo family.jpg


Neutrals and whites are my favourite and safe option and look beautiful, particularly for newborn sessions. I find bright colours can actually colour-cast on baby which is not what we want!

Keep fabrics to more naturals like cotton, linen or waffles. Knitwear in winter is perfect. I love texture! 

A pop of floral, pattern or colour can add interest but I suggest keeping the pattern or floral to only one family member -it's hard to mix patterns well.

Now I know everyone thinks that black is slimming but actually the opposite can be true,  so ideally steer way!  Black can actually make you look bigger if, for example, you're standing with your feet together, as you can't decipher one leg from the other in the photo.


Yes we are probably the pickiest so it's best when deciding on everyone's attire to start with you first. I love to see Mum's in long, flowy dresses as they are so feminine. The movement in them photograph beautifully. I want you to feel beautiful in what you're wearing. If you’re not keen on dresses that's ok - keep it simple with pants/skirt and add some texture with a cardi or scarf. Also just a tip to check whether your underwear can be seen - go for nude underwear if you're worried. You want something that is easy to feed in as well.

Also, I tend to take a lot of photos of hands - so please ensure you don't have chipped nail polish etc.



All in one outfits work better than two-piece - when we're playing around, lifting the baby etc it's best if we can't see the nappy and don't have to worry about keeping it covered. It's much easier to have babies in a one piece or nappy covers/tights for girls in skirts/dresses.


I have some pinterest ideas you can have a look at here. I'm happy to help you choose clothing too. Please text/message me with photos of clothing beforehand (ideally lay out everyone's outfit together in the one photo) and I can help you decide which items would work best.  I am also starting a client wardrobe so please ask if you're interested in borrowing one. (no additional cost). See available dresses here.



A pair of tan coloured chinos is my favourite (jeans/shorts ok too). A knit also will look great or a plain, light-coloured t-shirt - white or light grey is best.


No big logos/loud colours pllllease! We want the images to be timeless. Finding great kids clothes is usually not too hard and it doesn't have to cost the earth. Little girls love dresses to spin in. My current fav stores for kids are: Best n Less, Target, Cotton on Kids, Seed, Country Road. I love to see boys in tan-coloured shorts/pants and a plain light-coloured tee.